See Meghan Markle’s Subtle Nod to Baby Lili Diana in Her New Book

Heir’s something that’s guaranteed to warm your heart today.

Days after welcoming her and Prince Harry‘s baby girl Lilibet “Lili” Diana, Meghan Markle began another new chapter as a children’s book author. As Meghan previously shared in a press release, the book started as a poem she wrote for Harry on Father’s Day in 2019, one month after the couple welcomed their first child Archie Harrison. Meghan then went on to feature her family in The Bench via heartwarming illustrations by Christian Robinson.

As Christian, an award-winning illustrator, shared with Today, there are “lots of little clues and Easter eggs” throughout the book and the illustrations. In fact, Today‘s Natalie Morales pointed out that one illustration appears to show Meghan in a garden, carrying a baby—presumably Lili—in a sling over her shoulder. And as for Harry and Archie, they’re featured in an illustration on a separate page, showing the duke holding hands with his son. Both can be seen in the video below.

By Ayesha Tabassum Roja