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‌ Vinicius’s victory over Real, Manchester City won 2021

Real Madrid snatched a 3-1 victory in the Champions League quarter-finals. Liverpool lost in an important match. On the other hand, Manchester City also won.

This time Digital Desk: There were three important footballers in the first XI. In the absence of Radamos and Varane, Zinedine Zidane had to reorganize the defense. Despite the Champions League

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3–1 in the crucial first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. Vinicius Jr. and Marco Asensio are the heroes of Real Madrid’s victory. In the other quarter-final, Manchester City lost 2–1 to Borussia Dortmund.

Injured Real Madrid took the field against Liverpool from behind. In Varane, Tony Cruz and Vinicius Jr. did not let the lack of radios be understood. Tony Cruz gave Real a great lead in midfield. And Vinicius Jr. was on fire in the attack. Real Madrid went ahead in the 28th minute of the match. Vinicius Jr. scored on a great half volley from Tony Cruz’s center. Real Madrid forgot to defend Liverpool in the 36th minute and increased the gap. Tony Cruz is the goal scorer again. He lifted a ball into the Liverpool box. Alexander-Arnold head to the goalkeeper Allison to go backpass. Marco Asensio caught the ball and sent it into the net.

Liverpool tried to turn around in the second half. Increases the intensity of the attack from the beginning. Mohammad Salah reduced the gap to 51 minutes. When Diego Jotta’s shot was deposited at Salah’s feet, he easily scored from inside the 8 yard box. After that, Real Madrid did not give Liverpool a chance. Vinicius Jr. scored in the 85th minute with a powerful shot from Luka Modric’s pass. As a result of this victory, Real Madrid will enter the field from far ahead in the match of the episode.Manchester City, on the other hand, picked up a great win against Borussia Dortmund. Phil Foden scored the winning goal in the last minute of the match. All eyes were on Erling Holland in this match.But he could not do much without increasing Marco Reus’ goal pass. Kevin de Bruyne put Manchester City ahead in the 19th minute through a pass from Riyad Mehrez. In the 74th minute, Marco Reus equalized for Borussia from Erling Holland’s great pass.

As the game progressed to a draw, Phil Foden ignited. Foden gave Manchester City an important win from the center of Ike Gundogan. Kevin de Bruyne was the main scorer though.