Greg Hansen: This is Tucson? New sportsbook gives Old Pueblo a little bit of Las Vegas 2021

Iplopped into a comfortable seat in the first column, close to a man wearing an Arizona Wildcats cap. I was encircled by an avid supporter’s heaven: 32 extra large televisions, including four super-sized screens that appeared to put you courtside at the Arizona-Illinois game.

“Who you got?” the man in an Arizona cap inquired.

“Haven’t bet,” I said. “Who you got?”

“I put a buck on Arizona,” he said.

“A dollar? You can wager a dollar?”

“No. A buck is $100. I used to deal with a games book at the Tahoe Hilton. I truly like Arizona. Last Four, child.”

We shook hands. The man named Frankie wasn’t accepting what I was selling.

“I like Illinois,” I said. “Unfriendly climate. Illinois is holding back to check whether Arizona can react to difficulty. Predominant enormous person. Besides, they’re getting 2½ focuses. I like the Illini.”

Frankie recently snickered.

He didn’t call me a tenderfoot, yet likely should’ve. I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the methodology to put down a bet.

I was as wide-peered toward Saturday evening as I suspected the Wildcats would be in Illinois. The recently opened sportsbook at Casino del Sol went above and beyond. This is Tucson? It appeared to be Little Las Vegas. The 18 bar-side seats were at that point involved.

Smoke didn’t swirl around and isn’t allowed inside SolSports. All things considered, it had the new-vehicle smell. Put that down as an or more in addition to. The comfortable, single-seat couches? Goodness my. Where would i be able to get one to bring home?

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I stood and turned 360 degrees to assimilate the sufficiently large yet not very huge games mecca.

BYU-Creighton was on one screen. The Army-Navy football match-up on another. The Kentucky-Notre Dame game was simply beginning another. A NBA game, Clippers versus Enchantment, was in its last minutes.

Around 100 individuals, practically all wearing Arizona gear, occupied the room. It could’ve been the MGM Grand on the Vegas strip during the Pac-12 Tournament. It had that energy. I continued to think: “This is Tucson?”

How times change.

At the passage to the Sol Sports are eight self-serve wagering booths. As I analyzed the screen, an admonition streaked:


Public Problem Gambling Helpline.

Call 1-800-522-4700.

Genuine admission: I saw somebody pulling out all the stops on a game before the Oregon-Arizona football match-up in October 2001.

My sibling, Ron, a concrete worker for hire who lived in Las Vegas, called that evening. He and his companion were at the Mirage Sportsbook, considering wagering on the Ducks-Wildcats game.

“Oregon’s giving 5,” Ron said. “What is your take?”

I let him know the Ducks would squash John Mackovic’s first Arizona group. Don’t worry about it.

At the point when Arizona mobilized to tie the Ducks, 14-14, in the subsequent quarter, I dreaded for my standing. My sibling thought I knew something about sports.

After one more hour of stress, the Ducks squashed Arizona 63-28. I had been terrified straight.

On Saturday evening, I considered my sibling I remained at oneself serve wagering booth. Think. Be Responsible. Then, at that point, screen changed. Presently it said:



I contemplated how the games world has changed. In the not-so distant past the Pac-12 prohibited its b-ball competition from being arranged in Las Vegas. Betting was seen as excessively vile for school sports.

In any case, presently sports wagering advertisements spring up on your TV screen day in and day out. DraftKings. BetMGM. FanDuel. The Pac-12 appears liable to move its base camp to Las Vegas. School football match-up day has on ESPN and Fox talk about the spread — which no longer applies just to instructing methodology.

I returned to my comfortable couch seat and looked as Illinois went on a 19-0 run. The group became tense.

“Pass the ball!” a man behind me boomed as Arizona’s Bennedict Mathurin was called for charging. “Didn’t you discover that in secondary school?”

And afterward everything changed. As Arizona burst to a 57-50 lead, everybody in SolSports stood and started reciting “U of A … U of A!” It had the vibe of a NCAA Tournament match-up.

A lady bringing a plate of lager strolled through the room. “Mixed drink administration,” she said. You could scarcely hear over the racket. “AR-I-ZONA … AR-I-ZONA!”

The mixed drink woman got back with a plate of lager for five UA fans sitting on two major love seats, each with a “Held” sign. There are advantages at SolSports, as well. Similar to the first column seats at McKale Center.

The last two minutes of Saturday’s down at Casino del Sol felt like the completion of a major event at McKale Center. Arizona energized and won. It was one of the most pleasant game-watching encounters I have had.

“Last Four!” Frankie yelled as he fell in line to gather his buck.


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