Jinx from Arcane Starts a Photography Studio with Christopher C. Lee in KonnichiHannah’s Viral Fanart! 2022

Renowned San Francisco photographer Christopher C. Lee and digital artist KonnichiHannah team up to create a fanart paying homage to League of Legends: Arcane and its popular character: Jinx! San Francisco, Ca, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Riot Games’ famous game, League of Legends, has filled in as motivation for specialists worldwide to make staggering fanart works. For a really long time, League of Legends has given a phenomenal wellspring of game and workmanship references, and presently it’s a top streaming vivified series on Netflix as “Class of Legends: Arcane”.


Christopher C. Lee is an expert San Francisco Photographer and a devotee of the show Arcane.

Lee is guaranteed through the Professional Photographers of America and the New York Institute of Photography. His portfolio incorporates cooperation with a plenty of tech and style organizations in photography and videography projects.

He is likewise the organizer of creation organization Photomochi Studio, which follows his energy for imaginative symbolism. He has a degree in software engineering and a foundation in cinematography, where he utilizes his joined abilities to make outwardly staggering symbolism for marking and web-based media promoting.

He as of late met Hannah (Instagram handle @konnichihannah), an extremely capable computerized craftsman with broad involvement in character configuration, painting, and idea workmanship, hailing from Canada.

Hannah really loves Arcane and loves to make fanart for such shows and games through her craftsmanship on Instagram.

Lee moved toward Hannah to make a computerized painting of him and Jinx together as photographic artist characters of their unique selves. In this lovely fanart of Jinx from Arcane, she is shown changing over her underground refuge from the ghettos encompassing the city of “Piltover”, into an expert creation studio! Curse, who typically employs a cornucopia of dangerous weapons, is portrayed here overhauling a camera for Christopher with her abilities as a virtuoso innovator. Her notable spray painting is displayed behind the scenes alongside an assortment of studio hardware.

The fan workmanship portrays a “what might have been” situation assuming Jinx went to an existence of craftsmanship all things being equal. The craftsmanship has turned into a web sensation on Instagram and draws extraordinary profound respect from the Arcane fanbase.

Christopher C. Lee’s joint effort with Hannah is wondrous and he cherishes the craftsmanship beyond all doubt.

He says, “Hannah has effectively caught the mood and imagery of Arcane, just as Jinx herself, making a piece that is engaging as an independent work, yet additionally as connecting with my photography studio!”

Hannah appreciated working together with Chris also – she clarifies:

“I think working with Chris was great. He was a customer that knew precisely what he needed while as yet giving me artistic liberty – which is the most ideal sort of individual to work with.

Things finish quick, and the bearing he gave was exceptionally clear and point by point.

Any amendments made were generally inside limits and obliging to the current phase of the fine art.”

Hannah has recently finished authorized works for Netflix, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, and Mattel.

In the wake of leaving studio work around two years prior, presently she works as a consultant, parting her time among Tokyo and Toronto while dealing with content for Twitch and different customers.

Christopher C. Lee and Hannah – two specialists enthusiastically for League of Legends: Arcane, have met up to make something really exceptional.

The canvas is an imaginative piece that catches the substance of Jinx in the entirety of her brilliance while additionally giving proper respect to the famous Netflix series.

To get familiar with Christopher C. Lee, his photographic artist portfolio is here: https://www.chrisclee.com

For Hannah (konnichihannah), her portfolios should be visible here:

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San Francisco, CA

(415) 275-1448

Curse from Arcane Starts a Photography Studio with Christopher C. Lee in KonnichiHannah’s Viral Fanart! source PR News Source KISS PR Press Release Distribution

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