Josh Frost named 2022 Linderman Award recipient 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – The PRCA Linderman Grant is one of the most lofty honors in ProRodeo. It perceives a cowpoke who succeeded something like $1,000 in three occasions, and those occasions should incorporate no less than one roughstock and one coordinated occasion.

The 2022 Linderman Grant champ is Randlett, Utah, cattle rustler Josh Ice. This previous season Ice procured $228,557 in bull riding, $4,037 in secure roping, and another $1,091 in the cow wrestling. He expressed fitting the bill for the honor is at the first spot on his list each season while working out his objectives for the year.

“It’s a significant privilege. It was one of my objectives beginning the 2022 season,” said Ice, a three-time Wrangler Public Finals Rodeo qualifier. “Being essentially as committed as I’m to winning a gold lock in bull riding it truly adds a few difficulties, yet I take a great deal of pride in the honor. It’s consistently self-contradicting when I realize I get my capabilities for it.”

He said it’s the rancher inheritance the honor envelops that keeps him vieing for it many years. Ice is the second individual from his family to catch the recognized Linderman Grant, his more established sibling, Joe, 27, caught the honor in 2014.

“The rancher heritage that goes with it truly attracted me. The Linderman Grant is exceptionally renowned and like I said I enter each of the three occasions thus,” he said. “On the off chance that they didn’t have the Linderman I likely wouldn’t enter the cow wrestling.

“That third occasion truly adds a test to it. I take a ton of pride in that honor to have my name on the rundown with the wide range of various extraordinary cowpokes that have won it.”

He accepts an honor’s acquiring ubiquity across the ProRodeo positions. Ice figures the opposition will be much stiffer in the years to come.

“There’s few different folks who I believe are beginning to attempt to vie for it,” Ice said. “I figure I could have somewhat more rivalry in the years to come. It’s darn certain something I have my eyes set on and I might want to get my name on that rundown a couple of additional times.”

Ice has now won three straight Linderman grants. His previously returned 2019, followed up by 2021 and 2022. He desires to be recognized as a bull rider, however a cattle rustler. He’s acquired considerably more regard for different occasions en route. The Linderman Grant was not granted in 2020.

“I grew up doing every one of the occasions and have invested a great deal of energy in them all through my life,” he said. “I have a ton of regard for the wide range of various occasions since I have contended on the two finishes and understand what it’s like.

“I realize what amount of time and exertion it requires to find success in the bull riding and I know the time and exertion I’ve placed into the coordinated occasions and I’m not even close to as aggressive as the top folks on the planet. By the day’s end I need to be recognized as a rancher and in addition to a bull rider.”

Kyle Whitaker holds the PRCA record for most Linderman Grants won with 10 in his ProRodeo profession.

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