Oregon Habitat Conserved for Roosevelt Elk Herd 2022

MISSOULA, Mont. — What was a 447-section of land private inholding is currently in the public’s hands in northwest Oregon. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation teamed up with a private landowner to buy and pass the property on to the encompassing Siuslaw National Forest for the executives and sporting use.

“The Forest Service (USFS) assigned this scene as a basic inholding since it gives significant territory to Roosevelt elk and other natural life species,” said Kyle Weaver, RMEF president and CEO. “We value the past landowner for their natural life and protection values and finishing this preservation exchange.”

The property is situated inside the Hebo Ranger District southeast of the little local area of Hebo, around 85 miles south and west of Portland.

“This is an extraordinary illustration of accomplices working together to meet a common goal. We value RMEF’s part in working with this land move, which gives us the chance to associate basic fish territory in the Three Rivers watershed and monitor prime elk natural surroundings,” said Robert Sanchez, Siuslaw National Forest manager.”

Notwithstanding elk territory, the property is home to the headwaters of Three Rivers and the Nestucca River framework, giving virus water to fish brought into the world in freshwater however spend most of their lives in saltwater of the close by Pacific Ocean. The riparian living space and glades are among the most difficult to find of natural surroundings, involving short of what one percent of the Coast Range.

“As we find in all of our property protection and access work, these ventures, however helpful for elk, give wide-running, positive effects for some, different species,” said Blake Henning, RMEF boss preservation official. “For this situation, the shortage of early successional knoll living space inside western Oregon gives a significant natural surroundings type to the Roosevelt elk that use the Siuslaw National Forest. RMEF has finished a few territory stewardship projects inside the area.”

USFS got Land and Water Conservation Fund dollars to finish the task.

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