Our love of teaching and training in Legal English has prompted Updates

Legal-Ease International the World Leader in Legal English has begun for the first Time a WhatsApp group. This group provides vocabulary and different terms to participants each day. The terms are sent out daily, Dena Falken Founder of Legal-Ease International is hands on in this endeavor.

It is a daily reminder of the terms learned in the Legal-Ease Seminar. It also provides a free service for Foreign Legal professionals that can not afford the Legal-Ease Seminar or simply want to review daily.

Our love of teaching and training in Legal English has prompted this new format and we look forward to sharing and teaching with as many Professionals that need our services around the World. Legal Professionals from Mexico, South America, and the Middle East participate. It is interesting to see the needs that all Legal Professionals have in Legal English, when it is not the first language.

The WhatsApp group formed exclusively by Legal-Ease International brings together Professionals that share a common need. It is a new idea, and a needed service. Legal-Ease International WhatsApp group…once again, helping Foreign Professionals with Legal English.

The WhatsApp group receives the term first thing in the morning. It is a great way to start the day. A new term, and learning, what could be better. They are personally answered and so receive direct attention.

At Legal-Ease International we pride ourselves on new and innovative ways to train Foreign legal professionals and students in Legal English. The WhatsApp Legal-Ease group is just one more way. Join us. 25 years of helping the world, and we are not stopping. This WhatsApp group is one more way to reach out to those that need our services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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