Bob Feist Invitational Event 2022

The world’s most extravagant one-day roping for aces is returning this year for its 45th commemoration on April second, 2022. The Bob Feist Invitational 2022 is going on a Saturday without precedent for history, and it will undoubtedly say something! Yet again the BFI is calling Lazy E Arena in Gutherie, Oklahoma home, and they are prepared to invite probably the best group ropers in the business to town. With a tote of $650,000 and 125 of the best groups generally meeting up for a one-day occasion, you won’t have any desire to miss this.

The Bob Feist Invitational is really an exceptional encounter and separates itself from different ropings. The pressures are intense and the energy is humming as group ropers go after a 97% satchel payout! The field they contend in isn’t what you would regularly hope to see a group roping held in. With a 440-foot field and a boundary extended to 35 feet, it takes additional coarseness for these cowpokes to rope 6 clean runs in succession.

The BFI initially began when Bob Fiest himself thought about what might occur if he somehow happened to set up an invitational occasion permitting simply the best groups to contend under intense conditions, for clean runs and high payout? He wasn’t searching for simply extreme ranchers however, yet the best strength and the most grounded dairy cattle to combine. This was and keeps on being simply the explanation the BFI has separate from other group ropings. First class contenders and creatures performing at their best under high tension and, surprisingly, higher stakes.

The BFI initially started in Chowchilla, California, and afterward moved around to Las Vegas and Texas, finding its home throughout the previous 35 years in Reno, Nevada at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center. In the wake of having progress in Reno for a long time the BFI has as of late moved to Gutherie, Oklahoma in the wake of moving in 2020 due to Coronavirus conventions.

In spite of the fact that it used to be known as The Most Anticipated Monday of the year, regardless day the BFI lands on, group ropers will be there. This has transformed into one of the most profoundly expected occasions of the year for group roping contenders and fans. The principal group ropes at 9:00 am sharp, and when the last round comes around, there is certifiably not a vacant seat in the house!

Wrangler BFI Week introduced by Yeti goes through March 31s-April fifth. Despite the fact that Saturday, April second is the eagerly awaited day, there are group roping contests continuing the entire week including the Hooey Jr BFI, BFI Legends, Dummy Roping, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can get your tickets for the Bob Feist Invitational 2022 face to face at the Lazy E Box Office, by calling 405-282-RIDE or on the web.


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