Charro and Rodeo 2022

Mexican Charro Tomas Garcilazo likes stunt roping on the rear of his lovely American Quarter Horse Hollywood. Garcilazo is the specialty represent the 2022 Black Hills Roundup in Belle Fourche, S.D. Photograph politeness Jackie Jensen.

Beauty Fourche, S.D. – Tomas Garcilazo will bring the Mexican specialty of La Charreria to the Black Hills Roundup June 30-July 4 in Belle Fourche, S.D.

Garcilazo was brought up in Mexico City and as a kid took in the rope work and horsemanship that accompanies the family legacy.

La Charreria is the authority public game of Mexico and, for Garcilazo, shows his abilities on board a pony.

On his lovely mount, he does sliding stops, turns, turns, reining, side passes, all in Mexican style, arranged to music. Garcilazo makes it look easy, belying how long he has invested into his life’s effort.

While he performs, he wears the conventional Charreria clothing, pleased to address his way of life through his outfits and abilities.

During his daily practice, he integrates extravagant roping, remaining on his pony and going through his rope, similar to the Texas Skip, and completing his demonstration with the Wedding Ring, a major circle rope stunt with 70 feet of rope twirling around him and his pony as they stroll around the field.

Garcilazo grew up with a rope in his grasp. “I didn’t have many toys,” he said. “My toy was my rope.” He contended in bull riding and roping at Mexican rodeos and moved to the U.S. at the point when he was 22 years of age. From that point forward, he’s enjoyed two years on visit with the Will Rogers Follies, a six-time Tony Award winning show, acting in 48 states and two nations and two times in the White House. He’s been a highlighted entertainer at Disney’s Wild West Show in Paris for quite a long time and performed at a few ponies shows in Holland, Germany and Italy. He’s performed for quite a long time presidents and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

While in Paris, he met his significant other, Justine, who is French. They have two children: Louis, who is seven, and Gaspar, age nine months. Louis performs close by his father in the field, and loves it. “I like doing stuff with my father. I like stunt roping, riding, and rehearsing. It’s such a lot of tomfoolery.” He dresses in charro outfit, similar to his father, and ropes in a state of harmony with him, wowing the group with his brilliant stunt roping.

The Garcilazo family performs together at rodeos the nation over; Tomas and Justine and their child Louis, who is seven years of age. Together, the family will engage at the 2022 Black Hills Roundup in Belle Fourche, S.D. Photograph kindness Jackie Jensen.

Louis has a rope in his grasp any place he goes, his mother reports. “It’s even difficult to go to the supermarket without one,” she snickered. In any case, she and Tomas are satisfied that their more established child shows a tendency for charro and performing. “Incredible he’s caring it. It’s something he’s enthusiastic about, and it’s great that the inheritance and the legacy continues onward.”

Tomas and Justine’s most youthful child, Gaspar, is under a year old yet previously giving indications of adoring ponies. Whenever they put him in the seat with them, as the pony stops, “he would rather not get off, and he moves like he’s riding,” Justine said.

Garcilazo, a four-time PRCA Dress Act of the Year Award champ, has performed at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 25 successive years, beginning in 1997. He’s one of only a handful of exceptional rodeo acts who has worked the rodeo such countless years straight, since he’s a fan #1 and an expert at what he does. Tomas and his family won the TBS Show Go Big challenge in March, winning $100,000.

He is a third era Charro, dedicating his life to imparting Mexico’s National Sport La Charreria to the world. He and his family live in Stephenville, Texas.

His adoration for his craft is clear to rodeo fans all over the planet, who see it through his relationship with his pony and abilities with a rope. “I’m enthusiastic about what I do.”

The Black Hills Roundup starts off June 30 and goes through July 4 with daily exhibitions at 7 pm, aside from July 4, which is a 3 pm early show. with a farm rodeo at 7 pm. Family night is July 1; July 2 is Chutes for Charity night, and July 3 is Tough Enough to Wear Pink evening. July 4 is Military and First Responders Day.

General confirmation tickets are $15 for youngsters 12 and under and $24 for grown-ups. Held seating tickets $29-$34. They can be bought on the web and at the door.

For additional data, visit the site at or call the Black Hills Roundup Office at the Tri-State Museum and Visitor Center at 415 Fifth Avenue, Belle Fourche, S.D. (605.723.2010).

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