#InCaseYouMissedIt: Swearingen Leads World Title Race after First Weekend of PBR World Finals 2022

They say everything’s greater in Texas. Indeed, we’re three days into the 2022 PBR World Finals in Fort Worth, Texas, and we can absolutely say that is valid. In three days, we’ve had two lead changes in the title race and furious activity that we can hardly WAIT to see forge ahead with Thursday. Miss a snapshot of the activity this end of the week? This occurred around the PBR.

At the 2022 PBR World Finals…

The World Finals started off with a lead change on the planet standings, since what difference would it make? Joao Ricardo Vieira completed second in Round 1 to move once again into the best position.

It wasn’t sufficient to overturn Brady Oleson, however, whose vocation initial 90-point ride won him Round 1 in his World Finals debut.

Dalton Kasel completed third in Round 1 and architected himself a matchup against a natural enemy: ruling YETI World Champion Bull Woopaa.

Josh Frost scored the very first ride at a PBR World Finals in Fort Worth and picked Ridin Solo as his Round 2 adversary.


Daylon Swearingen was troubled about losing the No. 1 position to Vieira, and his Round 2 presentation took him back to inside 3.01 marks of the best position.

Mauricio Moreira won Round 2 and improved to No. 4 on the planet standings – don’t forget about him on the planet title race, by the same token!

Ezekiel Mitchell might have been the absolute last man to fit the bill for the World Finals by means of the world standings, however he’s involving that as inspiration to appear huge in Fort Worth.

Subsequent to being secured in a bind with Woopaa on the YETI World Champion Bull race, Ridin Solo took sole ownership of the lead position with his Round 2 appearance.

Ednei Caminhas may be 46 years of age, however he’s showing the children how it’s finished. In Round 2, he indented his first ride at a World Finals in quite a while.


Both Swearingen and Vieira rode in Round 3, however it was Swearingen’s runner up finish in the round that pushed him back on the world standings.

Kaique Pacheco could have a wrecked foot, yet entirely the No. 3 rider on the planet came out on top for a big showdown when harmed in 2018, and he says he can rehash it.

Cycle 3 victor Luciano de Castro is currently positioned No. 4 on the planet and might want to remind everybody that he’s still particularly in the chase after a world title.

Who’s driving the World Finals occasion total? In all honesty, Cody Jesus, your 2022 Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour Finals champ, who’s a faultless 3-for-3.

On the off chance that you’re visiting the area for the World Finals, don’t miss the Cowboy Expo and Trade Show at Dickies Arena – there’s really something for everybody!


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