Leme Striving for Perfection at PBR World Finals Amidst Intense Title Race 2022

Fortress WORTH, Texas – Reigning double cross World Champion Jose Vitor Leme will some of the time joke that assuming you see him let out a yawn on the rear of the kicking chutes it is only a sign that he is loose and at inward harmony.

Leme has been his cool, completely relaxed self such a long ways at the 2022 PBR World Finals as he has discreetly started his interest at an unparalleled third world title similarly according to plan.

The 25-year-old, who was profiled Wednesday by Dave Wilson on ESPN.com, has not been worried about 90-point showy behaviors or round succeeds at Dickies Arena. Nor is he giving close consideration to what his challengers in front of him on the planet standings are doing after he rides before them.

Leme likewise isn’t concerned that he has really dropped one spot on the planet standings to No. 5 subsequent to showing up in Fort Worth in the No. 4 spot.


Leme knows the least complex pathway to winning his third gold clasp is by going an ideal 8-for-8 at the 2022 PBR World Finals. That has been his No. 1 objective, and he accepts that sort of presentation is the thing it will take to bring home the current year’s big showdown.

With each of the 40 riders in Fort Worth still numerically alive on the planet title race, and 493 focuses isolating the Top 10 riders on the planet standings, one buckoff could really be the distinction.

One rider can in any case procure up to 1,005 focuses toward the standings by winning every one of the five adjusts, the occasion normal and posting five 90-point rides.

Indeed, Daylon Swearingen is the No. 1 positioned bull rider on the planet through the initial three rounds of rivalry, yet Leme is one of just three riders an ideal 3-for-3 at the World Finals.

Leme is a simple 6.25 focuses behind Cody Jesus for the occasion lead, and world No. 2 Joao Ricardo Vieira is second in the normal 2 focuses in front of Leme.

Swearingen is 2-for-3 and in fourth spot in the occasion.

“It resembles each World Finals,” Leme said. “Assuming that you ride every one of your bulls, you will complete in a decent spot. I’m cheerful. It is a decent beginning. Indeed, even 85.75 focuses is great. It is one bull down. This is the initial step and I desire to proceed with that and ride every one of my bulls until the Finals is finished.”

Top 5 PBR World Standings
1. Daylon Swearingen (981.49 focuses)
2. Joao Ricardo Vieira (- 16.99 focuses)
3. Kaique Pacheco (- 107.49 focuses)
4. Luciano de Castro (- 262.49 focuses)
5. Jose Vitor Leme (- 290.66 focuses)

Leme started the Finals with 85.75 focuses on Mr. Personality in Round 1. He then followed that up with 90.25 focuses on Lone Survivor in Round 2 and 86 focuses on Big Whiskey in Round 3.

The double cross PBR World Finals occasion victor has drawn Vanilla Ice (8-1, UTB) for Round 4 on Thursday night (10 p.m. ET CBS Sports Network). Ezekiel Mitchell rode Vanilla Ice for 89 places in Round 2.

In spite of his ideal beginning, even Leme let it be known will be an incredible test to go an ideal 8-for-8 at the World Finals against the rankest bulls on the planet.

“I will likely ride every one of the bulls,” Leme said. “It will be difficult to ride every one of the bulls since it relies upon the draw, and you need to draw great bulls. Yet, that is all I really want to do. You simply need to ride the bulls. That is the thing I really want to do in light of the fact that I am behind. For sure we need to ride every one of the bulls, particularly the folks behind. Win the Finals and afterward you can bring home the big showdown. However, in the event that I can’t win the normal, there is still a ton of focuses as well.”

It will not be uncommon on the off chance that Leme goes 8-for-8 at the World Finals and wins a record-tying third Finals occasion title (Robson Palermo is the main rider in PBR history with three World Finals triumphs).

As a matter of fact, Leme has ridden nine sequential bulls at the PBR World Finals tracing all the way back to last prepare, and he is an unbelievable 26-for-32 (81.25%) in his World Finals profession.

The last time the PBR held an eight-round World Finals was in 2009, and that year future double cross World Champion J.B. Mauney turned into the first, thus far just, rider to ride every one of the eight bulls at the World Finals. Mauney additionally rode seven bulls at the 2008 PBR World Finals. Just four different riders have posted seven rides at the Finals – Kody Lostroh, Valdiron de Oliveira, Robson Palermo and Mike Lee.

“It is simpler to zero in on this as opposed to all the other things,” Leme said. “I want to win the Finals. I’m not pondering the world title since, in such a case that I win the Finals I am almost certain I will have a way better opportunity to come out on top for the big showdown. Assuming that you win the World Finals, different things will occur. That is my objective.”

World Points for Event Average Placement at the 2022 World Finals
1. 560
2. 350
3. 250
4. 150
5. 134
6. 114
7. 90
8. 62
9. 30
10. 15
11. 5
12. 4
13. 3
14. 2
15. 1

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