Longtime stock contractor Fred Dorenkamp passes away 2022

Long-term stock project worker Fred Dorenkamp, who gave his entire being to the game of ProRodeo, died April 17. He was 90. 2022 Longtime stock contractor Fred Dorenkamp passes away

Fred Dorenkamp and his better half, Norma, who is 89, worked the Dorenkamp Rodeo Company from 1950-93, and got the Donita Barnes Contract Personnel Lifetime Achievement Award on Dec. 4, 2013, at the South Point Hotel, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas.

“This grant tops everything,” Fred said in the wake of getting the honor. “We never envisioned about winning it. We’ve been associated with rodeo for our entire lives in about each period of it. We’ve worked for almost everyone’s business and we at long last had an opportunity to run our own.”

The Dorenkamps live in Holly, an unassuming community in Southeast Colorado.

“Fair,” said Scott Dorenkamp, Fred’s child when requested to portray his dad. “Assuming that he let you know he would do something he planned to make it happen. My’s father was not a rancher by any means. He didn’t experience childhood in it by any means. His father homesteaded on their place in Holly, and they used to assemble dairy cattle and sheep by walking. They at last got a few ponies and father and his siblings figured out how to ride and that is the manner by which they assembled steers. During the 1950s, when the dry season was so awful father needed to track down one more method for bringing in cash. He knew a person who rodeoed, and that person trained him to guide wrestle and it went from that point.”

Scott is the PRCA’s Livestock Program and Government Relations Manager.

“Father rode barebacks and broncs and did some bull riding and steer wrestled,” Scott said. “In his prime, sans protection riding was his best occasion.”

The Dorenkamps – Fred and Norma – got various distinctions; two of the features were the point at which their award ponies – Mindy won the National Finals Rodeo Bareback Horse of the Year in 1990, and Satan’s Skoal was named PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year in 1991.

“He adored the rodeo life, and he was all the while riding a pony up until around three to four a long time back,” Scott said.

Burial service administrations are forthcoming.

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