Ora Taton Cashes in at Ron Ross Memorial Steer Roping 2022

Veteran cow roper Ora Taton had never contended at the Ron Ross Memorial Steer Roping.

His most memorable appearance, May 14-15 in Liberty Hill, Texas was very noteworthy.

The Rapid City, S.D., rancher won the normal with a 69.2-seconds time on five head.

Taton procured $9,042 at the occasion, including $6,239 for catching the normal.

“It was one of those arrangements where it was extremely startling,” said Taton, 52. “To make a trip from South Dakota to Texas and win something to that effect against the folks I was roping against, it was simply startling. I had never been there, and I had a minimal expenditure won currently in the rodeos (this season) and this is one of the greater ones we get to go to. My better half and I chose to descend here and we will put in a couple of days between this one (May 14-15) and the following one at Liberty Hill (May 19-21).”

With his bonus monetary execution in Liberty Hill, Taton climbed to fifth on the planet standings. He is a double cross qualifier for the National Finals Steer Roping in 2003 and 2004 and he won the normal 2003 when he completed a vocation best fifth on the planet standings.

Most as of late, Taton completed twentieth in the PRCA | RAM World Standings in 2020.

“It has been some time since I have been to (the NFSR),” Taton said. “I couldn’t imagine anything better than to return to (the NFSR). However, I don’t travel hard for the most part. I let everyone know if I don’t have the means to go, I can’t go. On the off chance that I don’t win something, I don’t get to play. This year is really unique on the grounds that from the beginning down in Andrews (Texas) at their independent roping I won some cash and I got to go and I have been winning cash at places. Thus, it has sort of been an alternate year since I as a rule don’t win this kind of cash this right off the bat in the year.”

Taton was on board his pony, Spur in Liberty Hill.

“I accept he’s around 10 years of age and he’s the main pony I have at the present time,” said Taton, who won the National Circuit Finals Steer Roping in 2020 in Torrington, Wyo., on board that pony. “I got him when he was around 5 years of age. I was requiring one and he appeared as though he would make one and my father (Ralph) and I got him rolling and he’s transformed into one we have preferred. He’s one of those one out of many ponies.”

In spite of the fact that he has a strong spot on the planet standings, Taton isn’t sure he will make a push to make the 2022 NFSR.

“Everyone lets you know when you win cash you need to continue onward, yet I have never done that,” Taton said. “It seems like I continue winning and everyone is letting me know I really want to continue onward, however I won’t consume an apparatus going all over the place and be gone, I can’t do that. I will go to a couple of the others that I don’t regularly go to like I might want to go to Pecos (Texas), and just after that is the Fourth of July run and there are a great deal of ropings nearer to my home (in Rapid City). In any case, I won’t consume the street. I will go and I will have some good times and be prepared when I go.”


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