PRCA Standings Shuffle 2022: CoBurn Bradshaw moves inside the Top 15

The beyond barely any ProRodeo seasons for saddle bronc rider CoBurn Bradshaw have been brimming with promising and less promising times.

As of late, he’s recognized it’s been loaded with the last option throughout recent years. The Beaver, Utah, cattle rustler, has neglected to meet all requirements for the last three Wrangler National Finals Rodeos. The absence of achievement even constrained him to observe other work until further notice.

“In reality, it was all the more a head game for me there for some time,” said Bradshaw, 27. “I wound up sort of leaving rodeo and went to work. After COVID, it ran me dry on cash and I won’t become penniless attempting to rodeo. Thus, I went shipping, I purchased a semi.

“I wasn’t in any event, going to return, truth be told. I was simply going to sort of circuit rodeo around the house. Then, at that point, Reno went all around well and the last piece of last year went great. I figured I likely better enter full time this year and go after it once more.”

The tide has started to turn for the four-time NFR qualifier in 2022. In the April 18 PRCA | RAM World Standings, he hopped nine spots from 23rd to fourteenth with $30,408. He said there could be no more prominent inclination being back where you feel like you have a place.

“It most certainly feels better, I’m happy to be back up with the highest point of the game once more,” he said. “All that has been going incredible this year and it’s felt improved than it has in the two or three years that is without a doubt.”

Being back in the Top 15 in April is just a little achievement on Bradshaw’s rundown of objectives for 2022. He has his sights set on getting back to the Finals interestingly starting around 2018. He realizes consistency will be vital if he has any desire to end the normal season with an excursion to Las Vegas on the schedule.

“The last year I made was in 2018 and I won the normal,” Bradshaw said. “Then, at that point, it sort of completely went downhill for me after that. I simply haven’t had the option to overcome that challenge. I know being predictable is vital if a person has any desire to make the NFR. That is where I lost my edge for some time. I realize steady folks make the Finals and I lost my consistency there two or three years.

“You can’t do that, you can’t squander chances to win cash since these days folks are feeling the loss of the Finals purchase $100 now and again. Along these lines, definitely remaining steady is truly significant. I feel like I’m riding as great as could be expected at this moment and my certainty is basically as high as it’s been since the last time I made the Finals.”

The following, are the other cowpokes who moved inside the Top 15 of the PRCA | RAM World Standings.

37 Spots
Steer grappler Stetson Jorgensen went from 46th to 10th.
28 Spots
Bull rider Ky Hamilton climbed from 43rd to fifteenth.
18 Spots
Group roping header Cory Kidd V hopped from 23rd to fifth.
Saddle bronc rider Spencer Wright jumped up from 33rd to fifteenth.
17 Spots
Bull rider Toby Collins went up from 30th to thirteenth.
14 Spots
Steer grappler Dakota Eldridge moved from twentieth to 6th.
Group roping heeler Lane Mitchell bounced up from nineteenth to fifth.
Group roping header Cody Snow went from 27th to thirteenth.
12 Spots
Secure roper Zack Jongbloed climbed from 23rd to eleventh.
Nine Spots
Saddle bronc rider CoBurn Bradshaw jumped from 23rd to fourteenth.
Group roping heeler Paul Eaves went from 22nd to thirteenth.
Steer grappler Payden McIntyre jumped up from fourteenth to 10th.
Group roping heeler Wesley Thorp hopped up from 26th to fifteenth.
Seven Spots
Group roping header Rhen Richard moved from thirteenth to 6th.
Group roping header Tyler Wade bounced from 21st to fourteenth.
Secure roper Marty Yates jumped up from fourteenth to seventh.
Five Spots
Without any protection rider Mason Clements hopped from fifteenth to tenth.
Steer grappler Dalton Massey jumped from thirteenth to eighth.
Without any protection rider Tim O’Connell went up from eleventh to 6th.
Steer grappler Dirk Tavenner climbed from nineteenth to fourteenth.
Four Spots
Saddle bronc rider Chase Brooks went from fifteenth to eleventh.
Sans protection rider Wyatt Denny moved from nineteenth to fifteenth.
Three Spots
Steer roper Clay Long climbed from twelfth to 10th.
Group roping header Andrew Ward jumped from fifteenth to twelfth.
Two Spots
Group roping header Lightning Augilera hopped up from fifth to third.
Without any protection rider Tanner Aus went from tenth to eighth.
Group roping heeler Travis Graves moved from eleventh to 10th.
Secure roper Ty Harris bounced from eleventh to 10th.
Group roping heeler Buddy Hawkins II went from fourteenth to twelfth.
Bull rider Lukasey Morris jumped up in the standings from 10th to seventh.
Sans protection rider Cole Reiner bounced from seventh to fifth.
Steer grappler Tyler Waguespack jumped from fourth to second.
One Spot
Bull rider Jeff Askey bounced in the standings from 6th to fifth.
Sans protection rider Caleb Bennett went from twelfth to eleventh.
Sans protection rider Leighton Berry hopped up from thirteenth to twelfth.
Bull rider Grayson Cole jumped from thirteenth to twelfth.
Secure roper Tuf Cooper climbed from third to second.
Group roping heeler Jade Corkill went from fifth to fourth.
Group roping header Kaleb Driggers moved from second to first.
Steer roper J. Tom Fisher jumped up from third to second.
Sans protection rider Cole Franks moved from fourth to third.
Secure roper Shane Hanchey bounced up from 6th to fifth.
Secure roper Kincade Henry went from seventh to 6th.
Group roping heeler Levi Lord climbed from twelfth to eleventh.
Group roping heeler Junior Nogueira went up from second to first.
Bull rider JR Stratford hopped up from eleventh to tenth.
Saddle bronc rider Kolby Wanchuk jumped in the standings from tenth to 10th.
Steer roper Slade Wood moved from seventh to 6th.
Saddle bronc rider Ryder Wright went from fourth to third.
On The Bubble
Bull rider Trevor Kastner went from twentieth to sixteenth and is $373 beyond the Top 15.
Secure roper Cooper Martin climbed from eighteenth to sixteenth and is $374 beyond the Top 15.

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