The strength of HAVAL JOLION products is recognized by users around the world 2021

The all out offer of GWM’s HAVAL JOLION sold out staggeringly in different unfamiliar business sectors since January 2021, standing out and awards from SUV fans all throughout the planet.

HAVAL JOLION won the sixteenth National 2021 SUV Award of 4X4 ​​Club in Russia

HAVAL JOLION won the sixteenth National 2021 SUV Award of 4X4 ​​Club in Russia

In South Africa, the HAVAL JOLION positioned first in quite a while volume among reduced SUVs in the main month after its dispatch. In Saudi Arabia, deals of this model are among the main three available. In Australia, HAVAL JOLION deals volume has outperformed some nearby Australian, Japanese and Korean brands across the market. In Russia, the vehicle has won the sixteenth National Award “2021 SUV” Award from the 4X4 Club of Russia for the strength of its item.

The consistent attestation of HAVAL JOLION by clients all throughout the planet is mostly because of the way that it is more outfitted towards more youthful ages.

With the plan ideas of “Youthful, one of a kind and with the fortitude to seek after your actual self” and chic appearance attributes, HAVAL JOLION has entered the vision of more youngsters in different regions, like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Chile and Russia, through famous social stages including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As the importance of “first love ” is contained in quite a while Chinese name, this exceptional vehicle has turned into “The primary vehicle for youngsters” with heartfelt attributes.

Besides, HAVAL JOLION is outfitted with a few inte . lightweight, providing clients with a feeling of safety and fun. For instance, the vehicle puts the presentation screen at the highest point of the lodge to further develop security when individuals are driving out and about. This high level model additionally upholds remote charging of cell phones of a few m arks, so clients don’t need to preoc uparse that the telephone is out of battery.

Albeit the HAVAL JOLION is a minimized SUV, it furnishes clients with adequate inside space. The vehicle has a 2,700mm wheelbase, so taller riders can likewise keep up with sufficient legroom to decrease exhaustion in the driver’s seat. For clients who like to go climbing, the boot of this model is certainly an astonishment. It is adequately enormous to oblige grill barbecues, bags, and tents.

The HAVAL JOLION isn’t just exceptional, its force execution addresses the issues of clients. This model is equi . Pado with a 1.5 turbocharged motor, coupled to the second era 7DCT twofold grasp, with a greatest force of 110kW and a force of 220N ∙ m. In view of GWM’s LEMON stage, the vehicle has incredible force and a general utilization of 6.5L/100km, showing amazing mileage.

Lv Wenbin, Technical Director of HAVAL, told the Overseas Dealer Online Conference that the HEV and GT renditions of the HAVAL JOLION will be dispatched in unfamiliar business sectors, drawing in more clients, with blended, more mechanical, style and game components.


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