Champions of the rodeo of expogan 2021 emerge Updates

The Herald of Chihuahua – This weekend reached a conclusion the activities of the rodeo of Expogan 2021, in the offices of the Arena de la Unión Ganadera in which the new bosses were broadcasted in the seven parcels, in an occasion wherein the exercises before the public title to be held toward the finish of November in Chihuahua capital.

In the sovereign trial of the rodeo, bull riding, the boss of Expogan was Fernando Rocha who riding the Pirata the Chihuahuan finished the 8 seconds where the adjudicators granted him a score of 82.5, overcoming Ricardo Gonzáles who just arrived at 75.5 units.

As far as concerns her in the barrel race, the Ciudad Cuauhtémoc cowgirl Paulina Ochoa affirmed to be the most incredible in this part and with a period of 17 seconds it was sufficient for her to win the top dog lock in the expogan rodeo.

With a period of 20.08 seconds in the two days of rivalry, Miguel de la Torres won the calf tie triumph by beating Jaime Porras in the last, who set a period of 20.24, in the methodology of tie two by two, the pair of Jorge Jobkings and Daniel Sánchez.

In perhaps the most challenged test that occurred was in the riding of ponies with Abelardo González saddle, he was announced hero of this karma by adding 142 focuses in the two mounts of the end of the week beating simply by one Víctor Márquez who accomplished 141 units , while in ponies with pretal the victor was Héctor “weto” González who with an amount of 146 focuses the top dog’s clasp was reached.

At long last, in the bullfighting test, the hero in this release of the expogan rodeo was Carlos Toledo.

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