NFL moving Raiders-Browns game to Monday 2021

The NFL is moving the Raiders’ down against the Browns from Saturday in Cleveland to Monday later a few Browns players arrived on the COVID-19 rundown this week.

A new flare-up of COVID-19 among the Browns has brought about in excess of 20 players arriving on the COVID list.

The NFL seemed plan on playing the game, yet when an ever increasing number of players arrived on the COVID-19 rundown this week, the association was driven into thinking about different choices.

The Raiders were planned to leave Las Vegas for Cleveland on Friday around early afternoon. At the point when word started flowing that a change was fast approaching, Raiders players started venting their dissatisfaction.

“In the interest of the young men in Vegas we are prepared to play. (I additionally don’t represent everybody, so how about we simply say “for myself),” tweeted linebacker Will Compton.

Added cornerback Casey Hayward: “Straight b.S!!! @NFL for what reason didn’t you change it for the horses or the thieves the year before?”

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