Updates News 2021: 49th celebrates anniversary with a bang (5 photos, video)

Regiment fired field gun at Topsail Island It wasn’t the usual morning for people walking their dogs or for parked motorists enjoying the view at Bellevue Park Saturday.

As the morning’s fog lifted, vehicles carrying troops with the 49th (Sault Ste. Marie) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery rolled into the park for an exercise on Topsail Island.

One regimental truck towed a field gun to the island for a gun salute in recognition of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery’s 150th Anniversary.

Soldiers fired three blank 105mm rounds in the gun salute.

The island was sealed off from the general public and media to ensure public safety due to noise.

The general public was allowed to observe the gun salute from the Bellevue Park parking lot.

The salute was specially videotaped for the military.

Each Canadian artillery unit has been tasked to perform a gun salute for the 150th anniversary, with a video montage of each artillery regiment’s salute to be compiled at a later date.

“For me it’s coming full circle because when I joined the military it was the 125th anniversary,” said Warrant Officer Trevor Falls, 49th spokesperson.

The gun salute was part of a series of exercises the 49th has planned for this weekend.

Reservists planned to practice their tactics and skills at Pointe des Chenes Park and Strathclair Park Saturday, with another tactics and skills practice planned for Sunday off the 900 block of Great Northern Road.

Motorists are asked to be cautious as the unit will be travelling in groups on public streets.

Residents should be advised that the soldiers will be carrying service rifles and support weapons.



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