How to Dominate in the Emerging Markets Environment, Health and Safety Space 2021 Updates

Dublin, Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “2021 Quant EHS Report – Emerging Markets” report has been added to’s offering.

In just the last 2 years, over 40 mergers, acquisitions, investments and buyouts happened in the EHS Software market.

The gold rush is now heading to new GEO markets as this booming industry stands to increase 165% in the next few years fueled by private equity and corporate investment. It all boils down to establishing presence now in key, highly emerging markets. Those who do not, become under assault in the EHS Software arms race with their limited overall GEO revenue sources.

Yet, sales managers and marketers tasked with acquiring new clients and are not well-armed with a tangible business case or have an expectation on the kind of push-back they will face are doomed from the start.

The Quant research series focuses on increasing your EHS Software revenues: bringing in more new customers and selling more to your existing clientele. We created accessible multimedia formats that keep people engaged in the meeting rooms or at their desks and deliver key insights instantly without having to read through hundreds of pages of description on a single chart. The result is a happier, more productive sales force crafting a more credible product pitch.

What this report can do for you:

recognize undetectable and emerging opportunities for you to consider
learn what would make your existing clients jump ship and switch to another software provider
understand the objections and management push-back on software adoption for would-be users
determine how current users feel about UX, modules and mobile features to make changes appropriately, and fast
and much, much more.
Ultimately, increase top line growth by making sure that you’re going after the right potential customers with a spot-on tangible business case and a preemptive strike against inevitable objections.

All the while putting your company on the investors’ map as a good candidate for private equity. You’ll see that our animated research paper has been created from the ground up to be the most accessible multimedia format yet.

Whether you wish to straight-on project the animated presentation in your meeting room or have your sales and marketing folks watch first the full video and then dig deep into the document, the end result will be the same – the next time they come up in conversations with potential customers, your sales reps will have the battlecards:

to know how to sell against competitors
to successfully avoid spray and pray
to understand which nuances of each of your module and features they should pitch
and to create a playbook of personalized, targeted, and strategic messaging to reach out and convert your prospect list.
Key Topics Covered:

01 Introduction
Audience overview, research methodology, base year and aim of the study.

02 Market Overview
EHS Software market mergers, spending, investments and EHS issues across emerging markets.

03 Technologies
Users & non-users of EHS software split, brand usage and recognition, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Smart Wearables

04 Platform
EHS Software platform features, potential software switch, modules opinion & feedback

05 User Interface
Pandemic, UX and other modules look & feel

06 Reporting
Data reports compilation, usage of Excel, showing trends from software, development schedule, mobile features

07 New Sales
Defining non-users EHS management, obstacles, management push-back, detailed feedback, free test-run

08 Conclusion
Companies Mentioned

Johnson & Johnson
Louis Berger
Schneider Electric
Tata Motors
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