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The next 4 weeks are full of ‘terrible worries’, forecasts for the Corona situation in the country

The Ministry of Health has said that only those who need to be vaccinated are now vaccinated.

Last Monday alone, all records were broken and 1 lakh people were infected in one day. The Union Ministry of Health on Tuesday expressed grave concern over the number of daily infections reaching one lakh for the first time in the country. The center has hinted that the second wave of corona will take a deadly shape in the next four weeks. So now the Ministry of Health has said that only those who need to be vaccinated should be vaccinated.

At a press conference on Tuesday, VK Paul, a health member of the policy commission, said, “The situation in the country is getting worse. Infections are on the rise. A large portion of the population is still at risk of contracting the coronavirus, ”said Dr. Paul. At the same time, he said, “the severity of the epidemic is increasing with time. The infection is spreading rapidly. This is the situation across the country. ” The center is relying on public awareness to stem the tide of second phase transmission. “We need to be vigilant for the next four weeks,” he said. Earlier, Maharashtra had appealed to the Center to raise the age limit for vaccination to 25 years. The Delhi government has also approached the Center for vaccination of people of all ages.

But Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said, “The apparent goal is to reduce the death rate. The age limit for vaccination is currently set at 45 years to protect those most at risk of infection. It is not that those who need it will be vaccinated. Instead, those who need to be vaccinated will be vaccinated. ”